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What is Kawaii Crush?

Episode 8 - Sunny with a Chance of Rain

It's a clear, beautiful day in Kawaii Crush city...Unless you're Sunny Bunny Hop Hop

Episode 7 - The Great Outdoors

A bright & sunny day is perfect for venturing out into the wilderness for a little camping trip

Episode 6 - Cotton Candy Crush

Featuring Katie Cat Meow Meow & Amanda Panda Pop!

Episode 5 - Shoe Shop Showdown

Betty Teddy vs. Hannah Banana in this ultimate battle for….the perfect pair?

Episode 4 - All Blown Up

Hannah Banana Nom Nom & Zoey Boey Fru Fru get all blown up!

Episode 3 - BFF at First Sight

Luna Lite + Morning Glory = so meant to be!

Episode 2 - High Tweed Chase

Tammy Lamby Lu Lu can knit an awesome scarf .. or two … or three!

Episode 1 - Stop the Panda-monium!

What's keeping Amanda Panda Pop up at night?

Check out our first commercial!

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